Thursday, July 15, 2010

So busy

   Back from Baltimore where we finished clearing out my mother-in-law's house and closed on it.  All done.  Of course we brought home another two car loads of "stuff" - some last minute things that we needed until the end like lamps, brooms, buckets and so on, and a lot of other things like books, mementos, etc.  Our house looks like a tag sale exploded in the lower floors.
   When my dear husband  finishes the run of this play, we may have a week or two to try to cull and organize before having to turn our minds to the next school year.   I have dress rehearsals for the show, The Last of the Boys next week.  If anyone has a good web site  for understanding what pins/ribbons/patches were worn on class A uniforms for Spec 4 soldiers in Viet Nam, please let me know. Thanks.
     Can't wait for the show to be done as it have a small break before starting the last show of the season.  We bring in a package musical for the third show, which I do not have anything to do with, so I can think of other things.  This show is interesting - two vets in 1999 with differing perspectives on the war - we see Robert McNamara, a dead soldier, all sorts of good things.
      The garden is growing fabulously - the heat has made the curcurbitae leap  into a growth spurt.  We have winter squash and  cukes climbing the trellis, the summer squash are finally setting blossoms, and the watermelon is still trying. Cucumber salad is on the menu for tomorrow night.  As I suspected, the lower garden bed which was washed out soon after planting has an interesting pattern of growth.  I found some red iceberg lettuce growing on the edge of the lawn, carrots are sprinkled through out the bed. and one tiny clump of basil held its ground.   The big stuff is fine - the squash, cucumbers and tomatoes, even the borage did well and stayed put.  Just the tiny seeds floated around to make a serendipitous garden emerge.  Need to get out there with a hoe - I have been weeding a handful at a time, and the weeds are winning!
    The cotton is an interesting experiment.  The cotton in one bed has basically given up the ghost - the ground there is pretty awful - hard and full of rocks.  Some in another bed is doing okay, but it is getting too much shade, I think, as the hops vines are overshadowing it in the afternoon.  I have three in pots and two have gotten much bigger and are looking good, one is not doing as well.  The ones in the plastic pots are the best.  Things to remember for next year...

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  1. Have you ever used a stirrup hoe? They are quite seriously my favorite garden thing ever. Ace Hardware has them for around $16 - totally worth it!

    Right after that are little green rocker-bottom garden stools ( which I found off-brand on-sale at CVS for $10 each.

    Sadly we've got squash bugs galore this year, and the heat has made for bitter cucumbers. It's a tough year, but the green beans are doing well - picked about 6 lbs last night with people!