Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cotton Blossoms!

   My cotton has blossoms!  My cotton has blossoms!  Yeah, so far the great northern cotton experiment is sort of working!    Granted, the only plants with flowers are those in the pots on the patio - the ones in the ground are at least 6" shorter, with thinner stems.  Even so,  I am thrilled the experiment has succeeded as well as it has.

blossom from my largest plant

Hard to see, but the flower is edged in pink.

I  have such a mess in the tomato patch, but the cukes are thriving.  Beans have been turning out a wonderful crop this summer as well. Below is a shot of some of the green tomatoes I am trying to save, as well as a few other items.  I am thrilled with the pineapple tomatillos - they are really delicious!  
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   A week and the children are all back in school.  This week is the major juggling feat with classes (hubby and me) and practices - Kid 1 and Kid 2, and orientations - Kid 1 and Kid 3 and getting ready for the school year with shopping yet to be done!  Wish me luck!!


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