Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last Weekend of Summer

   Just kicking back, enjoying the kids for this last weekend before school events take over our lives.  Cross country meets, rehearsals, Girl Scouts, and swim meets will fill the spare time left over after homework! So we relaxed yesterday. In the morning we watched a version of Peter Pan I had never seen with Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook. It was sweet and the kids loved it!
     The town had a balloon event in the park behind our house  this weekend - we saw a couple balloon ascents on Friday night, and Saturday evening was supposed to be a "balloon glow."  We went down to the park and watched the balloonists shoot flames into the sky from their gondolas - it was way too windy to put the balloons up.  However, seeing some friends and eating cotton candy (yuck!)  seemed to make it okay for the kids!

the balloon flames from across the pond

 We went on a ramble today in the Audubon Bird Sanctuary near us.  This is a taste of the walk.

Let's not get wet before the hike begins!

Dad and his boy

A feather found on the mountain

the spider was too quick for me to catch (on film!)

A caterpillar which will become a Monarch butterfly, hanging out on a milkweed pod

Hornets and their incredible nest

       It was a gorgeous day with a breeze and plenty of sunshine.  The kids and the dog all got some exercise and fresh air, and we all got to hang out together.  A good day.

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