Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hops, harvests, and happy boys

   The hops are in.  We are new to this, so we think we did well - but who knows.  We got several ounces (when dried) of the Casceade, and the Nugget is still downstairs in a room with the dehumidifier, drying on a screen.
The hops, close up and personal
hubby and his hops
      I must say, as a non-beer drinker, I think they smell disgusting - a cross between marijuana and cat pee - but my husband assures me they smell citrus-y and piney - just as they should.
    After the drying the next step is brewing - I will let him do that project.  I'll stick to making wine!

    One of the nice things about living near Cooperstown, NY - aside from the baseball Hall of Fame - is the Farmer's Museum.  Every year they offer classes - my beekeeping classes were taken there, have fun family events like the Sugaring Off Sundays in March celebrating the maple harvest, and we have the Fall Harvest Festival.  This year I worked at the Harvest Festival as a volunteer.  What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!  My assignment was to be traffic control inside the grounds.  Basically, I kept folks from walking in front of the horse drawn hay wagons.  I was amazed at how many people were willing to risk their safety by crossing in front of a pair of Percherons!  These are BIG horses, no Shetland ponies, yet people would race across the lane, rather than wait 30 seconds for the wagons to pass.  Hmm...

      I had lost the chord to my camera so forgot to download shots of the last day before school.  My youngest had a friend over and the highlight of the morning was wrapping themselves in a cocoon of hammock and swinging each other the extreme angles.  Even my daughter got into the fun!

getting ready

extreme hammock swinging!

big sister's turn!


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