Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School Days

   Wow! This year each of our children is in a different school!  Everyone began class today - the eldest in high school (gulp!), the next in middle school, and the last in kindergarten (double gulp!).
     What is it about the first day of school excitement that gets them up and ready at least ten minutes BEFORE the bus arrives, and the rest of the year we are shoving them out the door, jacket in one hand and a piece of toast in the other??  I wish we could bottle some of the energy from the first day and  sprinkle it on them throughout the year!
    Our youngest was ready for school - washed, dressed, fed and brushed - at 7:40 a.m.   His bus arrived at 8:25!  He jumped onto the bus and raced to the back looking for a seat - even though the bus driver reserves the front two for the little ones.  He finally got turned around and seated, and I managed to get a photo - not of him, but of the bus driver!!

my baby, heading out to join the world

waiting for the school bus

   Getting through this week with sanity intact is our goal.   A sample day.

8:30 am - husband drives eldest to HS to get his locker and lock
9:00 - I drive daughter to swim team  (at the HS) meet hubby and eldest and go to store  as hubby heads to work.
10:30 - pick up daughter from swim practice.
11:00 - head to work, teach three classes between noon and 5:15
2 pm - hubby cancels office hours and head home to children
3:30 - hubby takes eldest to Cross country practice
5 pm - hubby picks up eldest child from practice and races home telling son to shower quickly.
5:30 - I return home
5:45 - husband and eldest son (who somehow never made it to the shower) go to doctor for the school physical
6:30 - start fire in backyard fire pit for a last night of vacation hotdog roast and s'mores dinner (fight mosquitoes most of the event)
7:30 extinguish fire, start supervising bathing/showering all three children
9:00 finish filling out all forms and emergency contact sheet for school, try to find lunch boxes and beverage bottles - get them set for morning.
10:30 - collapse in a heap knowing that 5:50 am will come all too soon!

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