Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving With the Family

All dressed up and ready to go to grandma's!  Wearing the coat that was his father's  when he was that age!
   Was at my mom's for Thanksgiving along with 2 of my 4 sisters, their kids, my eldest sisters kids and a few of their college friends.  It was a nice weekend.  Too many dishes all washed by my eldest niece and me, but at least we did not have to look at them in the morning.
   It snowed for about 10 minutes, which sent all of the kids racing outdoors - no coats, no shoes on the youngest so the older ones carried him - and they ran around chasing snow flakes with their tongues.

catching snowflakes

daughter in a vintage dress I found

no shoes, no socks - older cousin, so no problem!

godfather and godson catching the snow

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