Monday, November 29, 2010

Visiting the Dinosaurs

    My youngest is a nut for dinosaurs.  At age five, he can tell you all their names, which period in the Mesozoic era they lived in,  the length and/or height of many, whether they were theropods, sauropods, carnivorous, herbivorous...well, you get the idea.  This past Friday I thought it would be fun to take our younger two into NYC to the American Museum of Natural History so we could see the amazing array of fossils they have.
    We set out, taking a train and subways - first time for our son to do either. We were lucky with the weather, because the anticipated rain never arrived. When we got to Grand Central Station, we showed him the ceiling first. After the subway trek,  we got to the museum.  First we saw the Ocean creatures,
 since they were on the first floor,

This whale is very large!

 then headed up to the fourth floor to see the dinosaurs.
    Wow!  I had never been to this museum, having always opted for the Met when in NYC.  I was duly impressed.  The number of fossils is very impressive.  I loved watching my son look at the apatosaurus - seeing it is so much more impressive than just reading about how long it is.

  The Tyrannosaurus rex was fairly mind boggling as well.

 However, I must admit I was more excited by seeing the parasaurolophus,

 the deinonychus  and his terrible claws

and the triceratops with its amazing solid bone head crest.

  I am not sure who had more fun, my son or me!

checking out the maiasauras

My daughter was crossing her eyes with boredom by the time we got to the room with the pterosaurs.

However, a trip to Rockefeller Center,

 St. Patrick's Cathedral, and even Times Square gave her the diversions she was hoping for.
      I love visiting NYC and often think I would like to live there - but not with kids.  Maybe in my old age, I will chuck this country living and become a city mouse.  Maybe...but I don't really think so!



  1. I was at St Patricks Cathedral yesterday!
    Hope you had a great time in NYC with the fam.

    oh... and
    You can stay with Nick and I anytime! :)

  2. Thanks Kari, that's sweet of you! I wish we could have popped by, but we were definitely on a tighter than normal schedule with nicholas along. NYC can be overwhelming for our little country boy! I love seeing your photos. So glad you are happy there!