Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

      Back to work - three more weeks of classes, then busy with summer stock.  In the meantime this week we have the show Eric Gansworth wrote to be performed at our college, so we are all getting ready for that. I am doing props and costumes, so I am a little busy.

      Easter was spent at Mom's house with many of my nieces and nephews, as well as three of my sisters. We had a good weekend.  We celebrated with Easter egg dyeing,

an egg hunt and a football game

but all on Saturday as we all had to travel on Sunday.
    Sunday we all  drank far too much coffee in a sad attempt to wake up after sitting up until past 4 a.m. talking.  There are some things that are great while you are doing them but the next morning you wonder what you were thinking...this was one of them.   Still, what a treat to spend hours talking with my youngest sister (who lives on the West Coast) and my second youngest niece, who is in college.
    Off to grade papers which should have been done last week, but I allowed myself to break during Spring Break!

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