Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who's Afraid of Thunder?

   "Not I," said the little red hen.
We have been having some ridiculously strong thunder storms this week.  Last night the thunder and lighting was amazing, but very unsettling to the children. Not one of them was asleep on time, and my eldest was still walking the floor at midnight due to the noise of the thunder.  The dog who is horribly afraid of storms, drooled on everything, then followed me into the bathroom when I was brushing my teeth, and climbed into the shower and hid behind the curtain. I guess it is easier to clean up any drool from in there!
    Even so, this is nothing compared to what the folks in Arkansas and other sections of the South and Midwest are getting.  My thoughts are with all of them. I have been vividly remembering the floods of 2006 when we lost a good chunk of our back yard to flooding.  The hill just dropped off and became a cliff, taking 5  of our pine trees with it and exposing part of the septic tank.
    Today we were in the 80's with sunshine and summer like humidity.  Tonight we are in thunderstorms again.   I suspect all the peas I planted are going to rot and I will have to reseed. What an odd spring.

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