Friday, April 29, 2011


  • Very tired and I did not even stay up/get up to watch the Royal wedding!  What kind of Anglophile am I? it has been too long since I lived in England I fear - and I miss Princess Diana...
  • Am trying to figure out a way to get my son to his soccer game and my daughter to her canoe racing practice at the same time on the same day in towns 40 miles apart... something has to give there
  • I wish it would stay sunny for more than 2 hours at a time. I also wish that even if the sun does not show up, the rain would stay away for a few days so my basement would dry out. And my slippers - I am tired of the dog drooling in them every time it thunders!
  • Opening the show Home Fires and Reservation Roads  tonight.  I did props and costumes - maybe this is why I am tired.
  • I have 20 more bayberry bushes to plant.
  • My Girl Scouts are not very dedicated to getting things done this year... sigh... 
  • Tomorrow I think I will stay in my jammies all day.


  1. I hope you did stay in your jammies! I caught bits of the wedding at the gym, and read the programme later for the details. She's so beautiful. :)

    Miss you, my favorite Luddite!

  2. Ha! Drew calls me a Luddite as well. I am not against technology - I just get tired of trying to keep up with it at the expense of playing outside, or doing things by hand...btw, 4 hours in the gym??? You are a wild woman!