Wednesday, August 22, 2012

As if life weren't busy enough...

    Today is the first day of classes at our college.  The students are back and Main Street is crowded again.  I have mixed feelings about this.  It is so peaceful here in the summer when the students are gone.  Parking is easier. Friday nights are less crazy.  However, I love teaching and working with the students.
    So my husband and I are starting back into our  school schedules.  Of course, this is about two weeks before our children return to their school schedules.  However, the high school team sports have begun their practices, so there are cross country and swim team to  juggle.  Add to the mix that I open a show tomorrow night, and am in dress rehearsals, and things get a touch more cramped.
    Just to make things interesting, today the pavers are coming to re-do our driveway.  We will not be able to walk on it for 24 hours, nor drive on it for 3 days. This should be fun.  

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