Thursday, August 23, 2012

reasons why it is not good to ignore your garden

   If trying to grow things organically, you can end up with cucumber plants bearing leaves that look like this:

This is because I never used row covers and  got a bad infestation of cucumber beetles. Of course, this was not a good year for cukes - this is the largest I have had so far...

The amaranth is doing well
 - even the dog thinks so!

 The squash can take a trellis that you think might last one more year and prove you quite wrong. 
This is why...

We will be eating squash this winter!!
Does the dog look intimidated or is it just me?

This is the year for tomatoes - but only 4 have gone red -  Sept will (hopefully) be about canning tomatoes!

Official garden inspector
Wishing you a bountiful Fall!

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