Sunday, August 19, 2012

of fishes and snakes and fires

   Celebrated our youngest's 7th birthday yesterday with a few of his friends.  Invited 9 kids, got one invitation returned as "not at this address" (so much for the phone book) and never heard from 3 of them.  So with enough supplies for ten, we had a birthday party with 5.  Much easier, I am certain.
     We had a fishy theme, since my son loves fishing.   First, they made tee shirts with fabric paint and stampers I made from fun foam.    We ate gold fish and an octopus landed in the onion dip!

    Next we "fished" in the pond on the patio.  Not as much fun as it could have been when their  lines (made from cotton kite string) got wet and then tangled! Ooops!
Tee shirts drying on the bushes behind the fishermen!
  We did a ballon race, shot water guns all over them place and smacked a rather menacing looking shark pinata.
One of the easier pinatas we have had. 
Our future herpetologist - look at that smile!
    In the middle of all this, my son caught a snake in the yard.  First he got it by it's tail.  He reached out to grab it's head and it bit him.  He stuck with it (it stuck on him??) and eventually got it behind the head for folks to see.  Then we put it in a butterfly  viewing cage and everyone got to look.  When time came to let it go, my son donned gloves!  He did take one off and put his fingers near the snake's mouth so he could "feel its tongue" before finally letting it go.
    Cake and gifts came last.  The cake was a candy covered masterpiece with Skittles for scales and pull apart Twizzlers on the fins and tail.
Nicholas helped with the scale placement
Why we are not all still shaking from the sugar overload is beyond me!  Between water, a hammock and a puppy, they all had fun.
     Since school starts soon, we also had a summer cook out for my daughter to have some fun with some friends.  Again, I was astounded at the number of people who did not reply to the invitation at all.
Making s'mores!
Manners, people, manners.
     This was pretty subdued - not water squirters, just food, music and a fire in the fire pit. It got quite chilly, high 40s last night, so all the young girls in shorts were freezing.  When we gave them  jackets and a fire, it got much better!   At around 10:30 they all went home, except one, who slept over!
     Summer is a good thing!

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  1. Looks like fun was had! The Boy had a swell time. (And I totally don't understand why it's so hard to RSVP. )