Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring's a'comin'

   I know we are getting rain in a couple of days, but what a treat to have an entire week of warm sunny weather - our town in the cloudiest place I have ever lived. That is saying a lot since I spent a year in England in the midlands.
    I was watching the bees this afternoon.  Some of them are coming into the hive with their pollen baskets full.  I know this is not enough for them to survive on, but more than enough to stimulate the queen and get her to start laying.  My big question is this: what is blooming?  None of the trees are in bud here.  The daffodils and lilies are just starting to poke their green heads out of the loam.  Where are the bees getting this pollen?  Maybe there are some evergreens in bloom somewhere.  Hmmmm...

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