Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Urge to Purge

   Perhaps it is just Spring.  Maybe it is reading a colleague's blog about not being sentimental and saving things.  Maybe it is that I am just tired of tripping as I walk through the house, but the time has come to purge.  I mean really purge.  I want a full sized, "have to haul it away on an eighteen wheeler" dumpster so I can get rid of the clothing that doesn't fit, but I keep convincing myself I will get back into.  I want to ditch the baby toys which are plastic, worn and well drooled on.  I want to get rid of the really BAD children's books (and there are many) that well meaning people bought and we never read!  I want to throw out the half dead houseplants that, regardless of how green my thumb is, will never get enough light in this house to grow!   Washing curtains, beating rugs - all these cathartic activities are typical of Spring cleaning - and I want to do them all.   
    It may be a busy weekend.

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