Sunday, December 11, 2011

Things you do not want

   This afternoon, after dragging all the Christmas boxes out of the attic, a former student and friend of my husband's dropped in unexpectedly.  It was great to see him, and later, his wife, but timing was not good.  Then, while he was there, our eldest had a meltdown - quite common as the holidays approach.  While this was happening I was in the kitchen making popcorn for stringing on the outside trees.  I heard my eldest race out  the front door screaming at the top of his lungs, wearing no coat and no shoes (it was mid 30s today), and then my youngest crying upstairs.  I ran up to  check on/comfort my youngest, and after a few minutes of patting and reading a book, I smelled something.  At that same time, so did our guest, and so did my husband  - who  had just walked in the door with our eldest in tow.
    The kitchen, dining room and foyer were rapidly filling with smoke from the burnt popcorn.

An open window is not what I suggest on a cold winter day...

unless this is waiting on the stove

I thought the pan was a complete goner, but it is cleaning up better than I thought it would

Our entire house still wreaks of it, even though we opened every door and window,  I have been washing things, burning candles, spraying Lysol and Febreze and generally doing whatever I can to rid the house of  the stench.  Please feel free to give me any suggestions as to how to rid the house of the smell.  Short of an ozone generator, I am out of ideas.

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